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Welcome to the home of Asha and Ahnna Hawkesworth! Brighthill is our metaphysical center located in Gresham, Oregon.

We specialize in helping you transform your life.

We are energy healers and psychic intuitives who also specialize in Inner Child work that can help you transform toxic patterns so you can emerge on your path to joy.

In addition to our healing work, we have written books and articles, which we share with you here. We've also written some Web pages about metaphysical topics, which are based on our understanding and personal experience.

For the spiritual searcher, it can be difficult sometimes to find good books or movies that inspire you. On the Recommendations page, we list some favorites, as well as provide links to Amazon.com for those so inclined.

We hope you enjoy our Web pages! You can contact Asha and Ahnna via e-mail, or use the form on the contact page.

Asha & Ahnna Hawkesworth

Asha & Ahnna Hawkesworth

Discover your inner child and find your joy!

Why do people tend to repeat patterns that make them unhappy? Why do we react the way we do? And why is it so difficult to let
go of the past?

Your inner child is your core emotional being, the “person” who runs your life when you least expect them to—or want them to.
Your inner child should be a blessing, not a tyrant. Discovering Your Inner Child helps you to understand your inner child so that you can begin to make new choices to change your life and find your joy.

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Some favorite quotes...

The way to God is through your own heart. You are a god in the making. You are a child of God, which is what Jesus said to you, which is what many of the prophets have said to you, but you have given exclusivity to the prophets; you worship them as saints and they never wanted you to. They said, 'Here is the way, here is the truth, here is the Light' and instead of taking on board the message, you worshiped the messenger.
—Joseph, through the mediumship of Michael G. Reccia, in the book Revelation: Joseph's Message

Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase.
—Martin Luther King, Jr.

The ego cannot survive without judgment.
A Course in Miracles

Love will immediately enter into any mind that truly wants it.
A Course in Miracles