The Moral of the Phoenix: Ashes Precede Rebirth

Born of Fire by Asha Hawkesworth

Born of Fire by Asha Hawkesworth

Our ancient ancestors understood that time is cyclical, not linear. Our week begins anew every Sunday, our year begins anew every January, and our seasons repeat themselves in a never-ending cycle. This passage of time reflects the circular motion of the Earth around our Sun, and our solar system completes a revolution around the center of our galaxy once every 225-250 million years. The phoenix lives 500-1000 years until its ritualized death reduces it to ashes, from whence it is reborn. Ouroboros the snake eats its own tail. We have many ancient symbols of this cycle of change and renewal.

Around the time of the ancient Greeks, some peoples began to see time as linear and humans as separate from the world around them. Emotionality became devalued, and intellect—thought—became king. Now, much of humanity sees our world in this way, but the lessons of the ancients remain for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

It is obvious to many that the world is changing. Many people are in fear about these changes. They are uncontrollable, and they are shifting our foundations out from under us. But there is an alternative to fear, and that is acceptance. Acceptance will lead you to trust, and you will then be able to hear more clearly what is needed of you as we proceed toward the ending of an old age and the beginning of a new one—a new cycle starting again.

Many people are concerned about our economy, the government, and many of the man-made systems we have put into place. However, many of these systems are corrupt and cannot be reformed. They should not be reformed. Our economy is an “anti-abundance” economy in which people are divided into “haves” and “have nots.” This is neither necessary nor desirable. There is nothing wrong with having great wealth—you can be a steward of your wealth and send it out into the world again and still receive more in return, which can be sent out into the world again. This is the way of abundance. It is a river that flows out, then back, then out again. If you cut off the flow at any point, it stops. This is what is wrong with our current economy—there is no flow. There is no need for “lack.”

We have also done great harm to our mother Gaia, which many of us feel. She is healing, but she must move and shift, as we are seeing. As a result, much of what was once hidden will be revealed. Unfortunately, people are suffering, and some people contracted to leave during this time. Suffering is always an opportunity for us to go into our hearts and reach out to another. Such actions will help the healing, and the change.

We are privileged at this time to be part of the birth of a new humanity, a new society, and a new earth. In order for this to happen, the old, corrupt systems that do not serve us or the planet must fall. Destruction precedes new creation, which is epitomized by the Hindu goddess Kālī, whose name means “the Time” or “Death.” While her destructive nature gets most of the attention, she is also, “the Beginning of all, Creatrix, Protectress, and Destructress.” [Mahanirvana-tantra]

Again, this change is affecting everyone and every thing on the planet. No one is immune to the shift. How you weather these changes depends on whether you react out of fear, or whether you stay centered in a place of love and trust. Your inner guidance is probably going to tell you things you would rather not hear. It may tell you take a risk you would rather not take. It may tell you to make a change that feels painful in the moment. But if you trust that your inner guidance, your Spirit, will never lead you astray, then you can make any necessary changes that will only help you be ready to participate in this new birth process.

Giving birth is a joyful experience, but it is not without pain. Gaia is experiencing birthing pains, as are all of her children. But remember the joy that will be at the end of it! You are here now because you are one of the lucky few. The miracle that is unfolding here is unprecedented in our universe, and you get to be a part of it. Know your gratitude, find your trust, and work through your fear.

All will be well. The angels walk with you.

Reflections of My Mother

wc-MabelNormandEvery day, we make choices:  how we react to situations, what we do, what we think about, and what’s for lunch. One of the many things we don’t get to control is our genetics, however. Although I cut off my parents nearly three years ago, I still see my mother’s face every day—in the mirror.

It’s not exactly her face. I see my father’s face, too. But sometimes I look at myself, and there’s Mom, staring back at me with 42-year-old eyes. Or sometimes I’ll make a gesture or do something the way she would do, and I think, “There she is again.”

My mother will always be with me, if not physically, then psychically and emotionally. We have a strong tie, and as the angels always remind us, “The cords of Love can never be cut.” And I do love my mother. I love my father, too.

People tend to assume that since I cut my parents off, then I must hate them. This is not the case. I love them very much. I see and understand their pain. I just can’t do anything about it. Their pain is not my responsibility—my own is. The decisions I made were about creating a joyful life for myself, which I have now done. My parents also have the opportunity to create a joyful life for themselves. Maybe they’ll choose to do so one day. I hope so.

Of course, the mirror isn’t the only place I see my mother. I see bits of her personality in my daughter as well as in myself. High-spiritedness, a desire to be in control, a proclivity to running rough-shod over others, which requires us to remind her to be sensitive to other people’s feelings. There are strengths and weaknesses here, and with careful guidance, she will grow to be aware of her impact on others and have the ability to empathize and have compassion. In a way, my daughter is showing me how my mother might have been without her mental illness, and if she’d had gentle guidance. I know I certainly exhibit many of these traits myself, but it’s always easier to see things in other people than to see them in yourself.

Sometimes a part of me wants to avoid these reflections of my mother. It is painful at times. But then I shift my thinking again so that I see it for the gift that it is. My mother is not a horrible person. She cannot help her mental illness, and I certainly understand how her abusive upbringing scarred her. I have compassion for her. And when I look at my daughter or look in the mirror, I can have compassion for these reflections, too.

You can read a portion of the preface to Asha’s book, Discovering Your Inner Child:  Transforming Toxic Patterns and Finding Your Joy.

The Lantern in the Window

lantern-blogEveryone has a home. For many, home is a physical place to go and be welcomed and nurtured, body and soul. For some, the physical home of happiness does not exist. There may be a place you live with doors and walls and windows and maybe even other people in it, but it is not the home you wish for. And for some, even the doors and walls and windows do not exist. But, whether it is a place you long for, or one you live in, we all hope for that place where the light in the window burns just for us.

Our goal in this blog is to be a lantern in the window for seekers everywhere. Brighthill is our web site, but it is also the name of our home. So, welcome to our home.

In this space, we will discuss everything from metaphysics and spirituality to healing your inner child. You  may also find channeled messages from the angels, and we may review relevant books or movies. We may feature guest writers in this space as well. But whatever we do, we will endeavor to do it with love and a positive outlook on the momentous changes that are occurring now on this planet.

Whether you are just exploring metaphysics, healing your inner child, or endeavoring to take back your own divine power and reawaken to who you really are, we welcome you and invite you to share our journey.

Asha & Ahnna Hawkesworth