Star Seeds and Soul Family

Sirius A

A lot of people in spiritual circles will talk about “star seeds,” and many may say they are one, which is true. I think that what doesn’t get said is that absolutely everyone is a star seed, so it’s probably kind of silly to use the term at all.

Where Do We Come From?

Of course, the main answer here would be the Divine Creator, or “God,” but in terms of the souls that become physical human beings, we all come from other worlds.

When we think of life on other planets, we usually think of third-dimensional life forms, probably carbon-based, with cells, DNA, and a heartbeat or something. However, most life is in the higher dimensions, which we cannot see (unless you are open to your psychic abilities). So, yes, there are Martians, and Sirians, and Pleiadians, etc., and some of them decided to come into this lower dimension to experience spiritual growth. Given that most people think of “Heaven” as being the place where they attain the most spiritual growth, this may sound odd, but this world is an incredible catalyst for growth, which is why we chose to come here.

Soul Family

The universe is like a fractal: there are patterns within patterns. Your body is a microcosm of the universe: it contains galaxies, suns, and planets. Your cells are a microcosm of your body. And so on.

We appear to be here in this third-dimensional world, but we are also present in a higher-dimensional reality with our soul family on another world. For example, some come from the Sirius system, which is sixth-dimensional. We have family on these other worlds, too, and they have been our family for longer than we have been reincarnating on Earth.

To be sure, we exist at higher frequencies, too. We are our Higher Selves, after all. And then there is God, whom we’ve never left at all while we had all these fractal dreams in the Universe.

What Other Worlds?

So, where do we all come from? From all over, really, but here are some of the major areas:


Sirians and Pleiadians, along with the Archangels and other entities, are the two main groups who created this world. Sirians tend to be intellectual with a strong emotional component. Also, they can be great sluts (and I mean that word in its finest, best sense—it’s a good word in our house): food sluts, wine sluts, chocolate sluts, and, of course, sex sluts, too. Sirians can be pretty big (they are quite tall at home), in part due to their enjoyment of sensual pleasures.


Pleiadians, from the “Seven Sisters” star group of the same name, tend to be sensitive, emotional, empathic, and nurturing—sometimes to a fault. Pleiadians must take care that they learn to receive as well as give.

Akitares (Blue Planet)

We just say “Blue Planet” because it’s hard to recall the name. This is a planet in the Pleiades, but Blue Planet folks are pretty different from Pleiadians. First, they are incredibly sensitive. They are so sensitive, emotionally and psychically, that it can be very hard for them to function in this world. It’s very common for Blue Planet people to develop neuroses and other coping mechanisms. They instinctively just want to love everything unconditionally and show you their soft underbelly, but it doesn’t take much to wound them. As a result, they just want to hide, and it can be very, very difficult to get to know the real person behind the defenses. Also, in my experience, they can be very self-deprecating and seldom give themselves any credit.


All of the science-fictional stories about invaders from Mars come from the mass consciousness, which does indeed remember when the Martians arrived. Long ago, they appeared in Atlantis, and they were given a place on the continent to live. The fall of Atlantis is due in part to one of their experiments, which is still active in the world today, but will be healed. Martians tend to be logical to a fault, dislike emotional displays and often repress their own emotions, dislike people and social situations, and have a hard time with spiritual matters—often, they are atheists/skeptics, or they involve themselves with religion in a structured, or even didactic, way. They also really want to be loved, but they have a hard time expressing this need or accepting it for themselves.


Arcturans are a bit harder to characterize, but I’ll try. They are very adaptable to other influences (Sirian, etc.), but they are pretty influential themselves—family members who are not Arcturan can easily pick up Arcturan energy. They tend to be fascinated with darkness and are wont to explore this in themselves. They also tend to be loners. Arcturans came on the scene somewhere along the way—sort of like, “Hey! That looks like fun! I’m going to try it.”

Finding Soul Family

How do you find your soul family? They will find you, because you are supposed to find each other. You have a a soul contract to find each other. Now, that being said, they may show up in the form of your blood family. And they may not. If you’ve felt like you were born into a foreign tribe (are you sure I wasn’t adopted?) all your life, then your soul family is probably going to come in the form of friends, mentors, and partners. The mentor is especially significant—someone who takes you under your wing and gives you the benefit of their leadership and wisdom to show you the path. Many mentors are soul family.

What About Ascended Masters and Teachers?

Ascended Masters are, by definition, ascended, so they don’t come from a world any more. They’ve transcended them. However, beings from other worlds (our soul family and others) do come here to help us. Not all UFOs are the Greys. Yes, they exist, and they have their own agenda, but it’s a pretty small affair. UFOs vary with the driver.

So, yes, Sirians, Pleiadians, and others, are here all the time to help us. We’re their family, after all. Wouldn’t you help your family?

Our next-door neighbors also come to help us. The Hathors are from Venus, and it’s not named for the goddess of Love for nothing. They are very loving beings who are experts in sound and illusion. Their presence was known in ancient Egypt, where the goddess Hathor taught alongside certain Sirians (who appeared in their true form) such as Isis, Osiris, and Horus.

Other beings have been here, and are still here, even though they are ascended and we cannot see them. For example, dragons played a huge part in the beginning of the world. They are powerful, powerful Light beings from Draco. It’s my theory that constellations are not named for an animal particularly because of their shape. Instead, I think the names of constellations tie in to the types of beings that call it home. Because dragons come from Draco, the ancients characterized it thus. This also explains why it’s such a reach to draw a figure in the constellations. The image wasn’t the primary reason for the name.

What About Darker Entities?

Certainly, darker entities exist and seek to push their own agenda. Many would describe them as “evil,” but bear in mind that they, too, are part of God and are just as beloved. They are dark, however, out of ignorance and not choosing to evolve back to Light. There is no need to fear dark entities; Love really does conquer all. But it’s good to have an awareness of them and be informed, as with anything.

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