Alternative Spiritual Instruction for Kids

My daughter came home from school recently and began to ask questions about the Bible. A schoolmate had a children’s version on the bus, and had been telling her about her conservative Christian beliefs, so this made Wren curious. Her friend had said that the book was so powerful that it foretold the future, and it told how humanity and the earth was created. So we had a very animated dinner discussion about what the Bible was, what some people believed about the Bible, what we believed about the Bible, and about sacred texts in general.

We have always talked openly about spiritual matters with our children, and they understand that we believe that everything in existence is part of the one Divinity, the god/goddess/Creator, or whatever you’d like to call it. We talk about past lives easily, so none of this is new. But I knew that eventually my children would signal that they were ready for more intensive exploration of the spiritual realm, and now that time has come.

The most important thing, I tell my children, is that you know that your understanding of God can and should come from within you, and not be told to you by someone else, including me. Toward that end, we have begun our own version of “Sunday School” on the weekends, which is going to lead us down some interesting paths.

I believe it’s important for the children to understand what’s in the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Tao Te-Ching, and the many thousands of stories that comprise human consciousness and history, whether they are Native American, African, or from the European shamanic traditions now known as Wicca.

As we go, I’ll blog about the material we’re covering, and how you can talk about it with your kids in an open, unconditional way. I expect this to evolve in wonderful ways, and I’m really excited to open these discussions with my children and to help them expand their worldview and understand the culture they live in.

The most important thing is that my children are excited to learn these things! So let the fun begin!

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