You are Psychic

am i psychic sensitive
“Dream,” by Sulamith Wulfing

Each and every soul will become consciously aware of the ability to communicate with the divine.
~Edgar Cayce

Everyone, everywhere, is psychic. There are no exceptions. Still, it’s hard for many to believe. It’s easier, somehow, to believe that it only “happens” for specially gifted people. And it is true that some people’s life purpose is mediumship. Some become famous; some do not. But their path in life is to help others along their path in this way. However, their existence does not change the fact that everyone is psychic.

Children are born knowing how to use their intuition, but all too often, it is quickly shamed out of them. “It’s your imagination,” adults say. They make fun of the “imaginary friend.” They make light of the silly-sounding things that children say. After awhile, the child begins to believe that maybe it is their imagination, or that it is silly and ridiculous. They begin to close their hearts and minds to their own powers of perception.

Although people learn to stop paying attention to psychic information, that does not mean that it stops. It simply means that they misinterpret it, misunderstand it, or ignore it. The thoughts and feelings that come from a higher source become inseparable from our own. We assume that if something occurs to us, that it originates with us. This is often not true. Some thoughts and feelings are your own, but some of them come from the people around you, and many come from your spiritual guides. You can learn to tell the difference with time, patience, and practice.

Psychic information comes to you just like any other information:  through your senses. You may see it, hear it, taste it, smell it, feel it, or just sense it. An idea or thought may just “pop” into your head, seemingly from nowhere. You may just “have a feeling.”

Have you ever been driving, and you “just knew” that the car in the next lane was about to cut in front of  you? And when they did, you were prepared for it. Or maybe you had a feeling that you should take a different route home one day, but you blew it off—only to find yourself in bad traffic due to an accident or  construction. (“I knew I should have gone the other way!”) These are all small examples of your own psychic abilities. The Universe does not wait to communicate Big Things with you psychically. It is communicating with you constantly, and when you can listen to the little things, you will be ready to hear the big ones.

Everyone is different, so the way in which Spirit communicates with you will not be the same for others. John Edwards’ method will not be yours, although maybe there will be similarities. And maybe there won’t. It is your job to start paying attention to your own personal spiritual dialogue. You may find that you perceive psychic information in several ways, not just one. Pay attention. Pay attention, trust, and affirm your psychic gifts. Do not doubt the information you receive or dismiss it. As you proceed, you will find that the information you receive will be validated, thereby strengthening your trust in the process.

The river of change is flowing very rapidly now. It is important to trust your own intuition in these times. The better able you are to hear and to listen to your guidance, the easier it will be for you to navigate the river. Go with the flow. Trust, and remember that the Universe is conspiring for your highest good every second of every day.

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