The Age of Miracles

planet earth ascension
“The Immortal Soul” by Sulamith Wülfing

In these days of chaos, unrest, and violence, it seems unreal to talk about an age of miracles that is heralded by a mass shift in consciousness. And even though there are signs of this shift everywhere, it is still hard for many to believe. Many seem resigned to the perspective of “Hell in a handbasket.”

I have had many experiences that give me glimpses of what is today and what is to come, although they are hard to write about. How would you describe the third dimension to a flatlander (a 2-dimensional being)? This is the difficulty with all spiritual transmissions:  explaining the greater reality (higher dimensions) in a way that we can understand.

One of my earliest experiences was a lucid dream, a “journeying” dream, of being in the spiritual classroom. In it, all of humanity was walking in the same direction, heading to a new place. Our landscape had changed. The colors were unlike any colors you have ever seen—they included more of the total spectrum of light. Sharp, vivid, living colors, the colors of high-vibrational energy. That energy was now a visible part of the landscape. The mountains, the great keepers of wisdom that serve to release pressure on Gaia’s body, were emitting huge beams of energy into the sky. They were glorious.

As we walked, I looked up. The Veil was gone. Instead of a hazy sky, I could see the entire Universe:  suns, galaxies, planets, all emitting their own energy and shining down on us. And in that scene of loveliness, the sky was filled also with crafts of many designs and colors. There was also a giant wheel in the sky, with nodes on each “spoke”—it was a space station, and at each node a spaceship was docked. Our star family was now openly with us.

As I walked, the day grew long. A number of people seemed to drift away from the main crowd, disappearing. The smaller group that remained sat and watched the sun set behind the mountains’ display of energy. The world had changed, simply, quickly, and miraculously. Everyone was peaceful and happy. No one wanted for anything.

This dream was rich and detailed, and I knew I was in a real place. I understood that Spirit was giving me a preview, and while some aspects of the dream were metaphorical, I knew to look forward with joy.

All of this brings me to the transit of Venus on June 5, 2012. I knew that this would bring in a great deal of energy to the earth (it has been more or less pouring in all year), but I was still astonished at how strong it was. I felt like I could sleep for a week!

During the transit, I was doing a Kundalini yoga workout. I like Kundalini yoga because it is an easy way to move the energy up through the heart, opening it, and connecting it with your head. It is very healing, even though I cannot do it “perfectly,” being from a less-flexible genetic stock. I do my best.

During my workout, I got to a series of variations on Cobra pose, which is where the Kundalini really flows into the heart chakra. When I began to do that, I felt a tremendous tidal wave of energy come over me, which made me feel nauseous. I had to stop. I sat in easy pose to meditate and understand what was happening.

Immediately, the room filled with Spirit beings who radiated the unconditional Love of the Divine. This was unsurprising on this day, given that Venus is, after all, the planet associated with Love. Spirit took the form of Saints, particularly Saint Francis of Assissi. We are not Catholic, so at first I didn’t understand the symbolism. And then they showed me:  everyone is a saint. Many saints had a moment of awakening, however. Prior to that moment, they were just an ordinary person, as flawed and possibly troubled as the rest of us. We love St. Francis and was familiar with his story, which is why he was used as my example. St. Francis was the son of a wealthy cloth merchant. He lived a life of wealthy privilege and then went to war. But something happened:  a spiritual experience, an awakening so profound that it changed him forever. He saw Love in everything, particularly in the natural world. He began to embody his Greater Soul here on Earth. His compassion made him famous, and now we remember his name.

The message was simple:  this can happen to ANYONE at ANY TIME. It has happened in the past; it is happening today; and we may see a time very soon in which this happens on a vast scale to many thousands or millions of people:  a divinely ordained awakening of those who contracted to do so now. And then, suddenly, everything is changed. We are changed. Awake, we begin to embody our true divinity here on Earth.

The Energy of Awakening is here. With each infusion, it intensifies. Those who are able to shift up their vibration in response will have an easier time than those who have trouble doing this, or who cannot do this. For some, the means of shifting their vibration will be their crossing over. There is no death. They simply cross the Veil. And one day, you will be able to see them clearly because there will be no Veil.

In truth, the age of miracles is the age of the commonplace. But we have been living in a state of seeming separation from this greater reality, from the Great I AM, so we do not remember. It is now time to remember. The end is not near; the beginning of a new golden age is near.

The following two videos may be helpful to some of you. The first one contains helpful information, and the second one contains a meditation that allows you to help yourself, the Earth, and all life. Even more important than the words, however, is the energy. Open yourself to the unlimited flow of Divine Love. Namaste.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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