Abundance is Unlimited

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This image is currently making the rounds in social media, which illustrates that a shift in our thinking is already taking effect.

The Universe doesn’t keep score. This is hard for our egos to understand, actually. We like to think that everyone will get what’s coming to them—if not here, then in the great beyond, for good or bad. We equate Karma with revenge, as though the Universe is just waiting for that perfect moment to say, “Gotcha!” But it isn’t really like that at all.

The Universe is primarily interested in two things:  balance and giving. The Universe is the entire being of the Great I AM in physical form, and the Great I AM, quite simply, loves and gives. Whatever it is you need or decide to create for yourself with your thoughts and beliefs, it will gladly give you. Balance is important to the Universe because it cannot and will not offer more to some parts of itself than to others. That’s the kind of crazy thing that the human ego does, but not the Great I AM. So the Universe gives of itself freely to all life everywhere, without hesitation or exception.

So, am I saying Karma doesn’t exist? That bad stuff doesn’t happen? No, but we are the authors of our own journey. We are Creators, endowed with the same creative power of the Great I AM, and our choices have consequences. All journeys, all consequences are part of our spiritual growth, and we will continue to repeat lessons until we learn them. This is our highest good, and that is the Universe’s concern.

Okay, what does this have to do with abundance? The Universe doesn’t keep score with abundance, either. There are beliefs such as, “People who are wealthy have it because God has rewarded them.” That belief is very popular among some, but it’s not true. Other beliefs include, “People who are wealthy are essentially stealing food from the mouths of the poor” and “Money is the root of all evil.” These beliefs aren’t true, either.

Most of our beliefs about abundance in any form stem from the idea that there is a limited supply of abundance to be had. If you hold that belief, then you may feel that having X amount of abundance only leaves Y amount for everyone else. If you’re a compassionate person, you may feel guilty about that. If you’re not very concerned with anyone else, you may wonder just how you can get your hands on more of that Y amount for yourself. Either way, both perspectives assume a limited pool.

Of course, there is a limited pool of physical resources. We can’t all have a beach house in Malibu; the land won’t support it. We can’t devastate our ecosystem by extracting every last iota of burnable whatever-it-is and expect there to be no consequences. The laws of abundance state that you will always be given the opportunity to have what you need. Greed, on the other hand, is about having something you do not need, having more than you need, or just having more than anybody else. Even though there is an unlimited supply of abundance, greed is all about taking without giving. And that is out of balance.

Abundance energy flows the same way your energy body does, in the shape of a torus—really, there is no difference between the two. Abundance is literally part of who you are. It comes into you, and then it flows out and away from you to be shared, and then it comes back into you again. If you disrupt this balance, you disrupt the flow of energy. This is why taking is just as important as giving, and vice versa.

If you are living in the flow of your abundance, then you recognize that everyone else has the same right to it that you do—it is part of them, as it is part of you. This awareness must extend not only to your neighbor, but to the land and seas and all life everywhere. The greatest balance is in our Oneness.

In our Oneness, everyone can be supremely abundant and live an effortless life. You can be a good steward of your abundance, as well, and share it with those who have a harder time getting theirs to flow. That is balance. Anything you give out will come back to you, and then some. What this abundance looks like will vary with the person, because each person has different needs. Whatever you have, however, be grateful for it and watch your flow increase.

The Earth is an abundant home, just as the rest of the Universe is. We can increase that abundance by respecting it and each other. We can rejoice in the abundance of others, instead of coveting what they have and wondering why we don’t have it as good. Again, the key is gratitude for what you have.

Another person’s house in Malibu does not detract from your own abundance—unless you decide it does. Trust that the Universe knows how to create balance, and trust that the Universe will provide. It doesn’t have anything to do with what other people have or don’t have. It is all about what you need today, in this moment.

Our current economic systems do not reflect the true nature of abundance, unfortunately. Our illusory beliefs about it are tied into them:  the idea that there isn’t enough for everyone, that some people inherently “deserve” more than others, and that it’s every man for himself. There is a photo making the rounds of the Internet that says, “Humans are the only species that pay to live on the Earth.” That says a lot right there about how our beliefs have shaped our lives. Abundance has become equated with paper, the flow of which is controlled by a relative handful of people, and without it, you may find yourself with no food, shelter, or clothing.

Humanity can change this paradigm and develop a true abundance economy that also allows individuals and communities the freedom to choose for themselves and to support one another and the planet. Global change is possible, but it starts with personal change. It starts with you. As you allow your own abundance to flow into your life, it will flow to others—this is inevitable! Allow it, embrace it, and resolve to be a good steward of that abundance. What are you called upon to do? What is your passion? Why are you here on this planet? The answers to these questions will put you on a journey that will fulfill you, provide for you, and bring you great joy.

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