We are the Earth

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We have pushed ourselves to extreme limits in our Dream of Separation. Not only are we “I” and “you,” but we are not of anything else. We are not of our community, so suffering in our midst can be overlooked. We are not of our environment, so clear-cutting a forest for short-term gain does not bother us. We are not of our planet, so ecological destruction, land development, and pollution are simply signs of “progress.” Indeed, we have brought ourselves to a place of utter alienation and isolation, and the right of the individual to do as they please without considering the whole is our holiest god. No wonder we are in crisis.

We have become disconnected from all that we are. We have lost what is truly sacred:  ourselves. As a race, we are mentally and emotionally disturbed, because we have forgotten who we are.

Fortunately, that is changing. A number of people are waking up and will continue to do so. But on this path of change and shift, it is important to understand that we are all part of a larger body. We are part of a larger organism. On the cosmic scale, we are all God, everything is God, there is nothing in existence that is not the great Deity. On a more local, physical/spiritual scale, we are also the body of the great organism of this planet, known as Gaia. She is alive. She is aware. But she is also diseased as a result of our disease—our disconnection and disregard.

The earth is a living body. The oil we so callously burn and spill is her blood. The rivers, mountains, and tectonic plates reflect her movements. Ley lines are meridians on her body. There are sacred places that house her chakra system. Many peoples have known this. The Native Americans, the Druids, the Australian aborigines, the South American rain forest peoples, and on and on. They know. They have been careful stewards of this great being. They seek to live in harmony with her and her laws instead of attempting to impose their own.

It is time for Gaia to heal, and she is doing so. She is moving her body and raising her vibration. We will all feel the effects of this, but it does not have to be hard or disastrous if we help her. It can be as gentle as rocking on a calm lake. But we must wake up. She will heal with us or without us.

I believe that we have reached critical mass in shifting our consciousness. All will be well, but it could be a rocky transition yet. Hang on to your surfboards. Listen to your spiritual guidance. Be prepared to swim with the current, not against it. We must change.

Change of this magnitude means creating new systems, new ways of doing things, and new ways of being. Divine inspiration will help us. We just have to listen and follow through. What we have been doing is not working. The things that are out of integrity are collapsing. Indeed, they have already collapsed, we just haven’t noticed it yet. Take your power and start doing things in a new way. When you stop giving your power to what is corrupt and out of integrity, it will disappear. But in order to succeed, we must work together, as one. We must acknowledge that we are One. The planet, every plant, every animal and microbe, and every human being on this earth matters.

An Edenic society once existed on this earth. In it, we lived in harmony with ourselves, each other, and all life. We can be there again, but in order to do that, we must shift our consciousness. Are you ready?

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