One Tree, Many Branches

"Yggdrasil," by Jeroen van Valkenburg Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons
“Yggdrasil,” by Jeroen van Valkenburg
Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

How do you feel about 2012? One cycle is ending; a new one is beginning. Everyone will experience this change differently, in their own way. We are meant to. The Great I AM does not need to experience something the same way twice. Your experience is unique. Your experience matters.

The truth is, we have been here before. At the end of another great cycle, a portion of humanity lost its connection with Spirit, with the sacred. They made a god of technology. They believed they could control the sacred. They experimented with destruction instead of cherishing and nurturing creation. Their society became corrupt, and they turned on themselves. It sounds like I am describing the modern era, but this is also an accurate description of Atlantis in the years before it ended.

We do not have to suffer the destruction that Atlantis suffered. We have a choice. We are here again because those souls are still here. The souls who chose to play the darker side of separation are still here, and the souls who chose to carry the torch of Light even in separation are still here. We are not really at war. But we are playing at the game of Remembering Who We Are from a place of intensely felt separation.

People say that we are One and that there is only the Oneness, but saying it doesn’t necessarily make you understand it or feel it. It’s a little like explaining color to a blind man. He’s never seen color, so how do you describe it? But of course, you have known this, and you do know it, and you will remember it, because you cannot change who and what you are:  a divine cell living in the body of God. A fractal iteration of God. One tree with many branches. Whatever analogy works for you. Nothing exists aside from the Great I AM, so by definition, you and everything you see ARE the Great I AM.

When Atlantis fell, the vibration of our planet was lowered. The great teachers, known and unknown, could not remain on this plane and in this density, yet they are still here. The elves, the dragons, the djinn, the great magicians of Light are all still here, waiting. And now is the time they have been waiting for. Now is the time we all have been waiting for.

The new cycle has already begun, in truth. You can hold expectation for the winter solstice of this year, and we may indeed experience something around that time. But the changes are already here. The earth is healing. Everyone is being asked to heal. Anything that is out of integrity is crumbling. Changes may be difficult and challenging, but embrace them. They are our opportunity to create a better world. A healthier world. A world grounded in Love and the understanding that everything we see is utterly and completely sacred.

The Norse believed that the Universe consisted of Yggdrasil, or the world tree, which held the nine worlds. A tree is a good symbol of our Oneness. They are anchored in the earth, and their branches scrape the sky. They provide homes and nourishment, and they actually affect the climate and the air we breathe. We are intricately bound up with everything there is, and we have denied this for far too long. Let us forgive ourselves for this ignorance. Let us ask forgiveness of the earth. Let us open the doors within to great changes and a new awareness of Who We Are.

It is time to remember. It is time to wake up.

I’ll leave you with this lovely meditation on the trees:

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