When Prayer is Harmful

prayer a bad thing
Can prayer be harmful?

“I’ll pray for you.”
“You’re in my prayers!”

We typically think of prayer as a good thing, and we’re usually grateful to hear these words. Unfortunately, there are times when prayer functions as a psychic attack on another person or group. When that happens, prayer is harmful—not healing.

A sincere prayer to the great Universal Mind for the good of another person, even if we don’t know or understand what that good is, can be very healing. Your thoughts and good wishes for the well being of others is a good and helpful thing. But when your personal preferences and beliefs—and therefore your ego—get involved, then you are essentially practicing black magic against another person.

Let’s consider some context:

“I pray for those children!”

Let’s imagine the children who are the object of this prayer just lost a parent. Praying for the easing of their suffering is a fine thing. No problem there. Now let us suppose that the speaker is praying for them because they have gay parents. Or non-Christian parents. Fill in the blank. The prayer doesn’t feel quite so good now, does it?

Praying for the opposite of what the person being prayed for wants is the psychic equivalent of sending daggers into their field. In reality, such prayer is telling the Universe that you do not approve of that person as they are. You are telling them, psychically, that you do not love them as they are. You want them to change, and you are calling on the Powers That Be to back you up.

Inevitably, of course, all such prayers will never be fulfilled as we envision them. Everyone in the Universe is as God created them. Everyone in the Universe is walking their own divine path, and we can never fully understand what that is, or why it is. Our only job is to love and accept all of these other manifestations of God unconditionally. We are not doing that if we are praying for them to change so that we will feel more comfortable.

While such prayers will never be answered to our satisfaction, they do cause harm, as I’ve written about before. That mysterious pain in the neck or back, feeling out of sorts, nervous, or anxious… These can all be manifestations of prayers delivered with all the ferocity of a crossbow. If you stop to think about who is sending you these little gifts, you’ll probably know. Use your own psychic sense. Then ask Archangel Michael to remove the daggers and cut any cords, and lovingly give back what is not yours. Forgive them, but let them know it is theirs to own, gently. The best way out of a psychic battle is not to engage in it. Choose Love instead.

So, what’s the best way to pray? Pray for the highest good of everyone, and then let go of any attachment to the outcome. If someone is very ill, please pray for them, but understand that their highest good might mean that it is their time to cross over. While that is painful for those who are left behind, it may still be what the Great I AM intends for them. Your prayer may help them recover or, if necessary, cross over gracefully.

Likewise, if a person is truly making unhealthy choices for him- or herself, you cannot control that. All you can do is give them the unconditional love that may, if they take the opportunity, help them to find the miracles in their own life. Every path is different, and even when it looks like someone is “failing” somehow, understand that they are just learning their mastery. These are the lessons that their Spirit has chosen for them, and while it may look like “failure” to some, this is their perfect path of spiritual matriculation.

With prayer, as with all things, let your feelings be your guide. If it doesn’t feel good, it probably isn’t. Prayer that seeks to change others is all about control, and—you guessed it—no one has any control over anything except their own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Given that, the “problem” our prayer is attempting to address may not lie with someone else. Instead, it may be an opportunity for us to examine and revisit our own thoughts and beliefs.

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