Everything That Rises Must Converge

planet_gridDid you feel it?

This past Saturday, the world was supposed to end, according to a Christian fundamentalist prediction. The Rapture, they said, would be on May 21, 2011. Later, of course, they said, “Never mind—now it will happen in October.” And we all made some jokes and had a good chuckle. And yet…

What if the Rapture actually happened on Saturday? Maybe it just didn’t look the way they thought it would.

Our collective consciousness shapes our reality, and a lot of minds were on the Rapture last weekend. The truth is that our world IS changing. The vibration of this planet is rising, and ours along with it. We are not separate from this planet or anything else. We are rising, ready or not, and this is a process—not a final destination.

Massive amounts of energy are streaming in to help us, and massive amounts of energy are shifting daily. You may not see it or even be aware of it, but you probably feel it. Maybe you feel a little “off” or strange. Odd things keep happening. What is with that crazy weather? That guy in the newspaper really lost it. Why am I suddenly getting headaches or feeling dizzy? Things look the same, but they don’t feel the same. You just feel different and can’t explain why.

We are continually undergoing massive shifts, and for many it can feel hard to keep up. Even the most seemingly “spiritual” or “with it” people are being put through their paces. No one is exempt or immune from this change, but it’s okay. It’s actually better than okay. What we are living through is the greatest show in the Universe right now because it is SO AMAZING. We can’t see the big picture because we’re living in the middle of it. Just know that it’s beautiful.

Still, some people are having a hard time, and that calls for compassion. The amount of energy that has shifted in the last three days alone is significant. Did you feel it?

As we rise, we converge in our Oneness. We begin to remember that we are more than our egos, our personalities. We are part of the Great I AM, and we are One. And as we rise, some of the parallel realities begin to converge. Yesterday, two parallel realities merged into One; a decision was made, collectively. We have committed to a potential future. The two pathways became one. Asha X converged with Asha Y. Your X converged with your Y. We are, after all, just holograms in this playing field of the Earth Game. Our true selves have all of the power of the Great I AM because we ARE the Great I AM.

So, two significant timelines converged into one. Where does it lead? It will lead in part where we choose to go, but it will also lead where the Great I AM wants it to go. We have chosen the convergent path, the rising path, the ascended path. Many of us will bodily accompany Gaia in her healing; many of us will accompany Gaia in spirit. The lotus is opening wide to the rays of the Great Suns.

We are all so privileged to be here now. We live in truly miraculous times. Follow your heart, have faith, and go with the flow as much as you can. As the angels continually remind us, “Look forward with joy!”

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