The Lantern in the Window

lantern-blogEveryone has a home. For many, home is a physical place to go and be welcomed and nurtured, body and soul. For some, the physical home of happiness does not exist. There may be a place you live with doors and walls and windows and maybe even other people in it, but it is not the home you wish for. And for some, even the doors and walls and windows do not exist. But, whether it is a place you long for, or one you live in, we all hope for that place where the light in the window burns just for us.

Our goal in this blog is to be a lantern in the window for seekers everywhere. Brighthill is our web site, but it is also the name of our home. So, welcome to our home.

In this space, we will discuss everything from metaphysics and spirituality to healing your inner child. You  may also find channeled messages from the angels, and we may review relevant books or movies. We may feature guest writers in this space as well. But whatever we do, we will endeavor to do it with love and a positive outlook on the momentous changes that are occurring now on this planet.

Whether you are just exploring metaphysics, healing your inner child, or endeavoring to take back your own divine power and reawaken to who you really are, we welcome you and invite you to share our journey.

Asha & Ahnna Hawkesworth

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