Meeting Your Inner Child: A Meditation

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Your inner child is your core emotional being, the “person” who shares your body with you and who can respond to situations before your grown-up self even has a chance to think about it. This core self determines how you behave in relationships, with your children, with your parents, and even on the job. In other words, it shows up any time your emotions are involved.

Failure to “control” the inner child’s response usually makes people feel angry with themselves. It makes them feel like a failure for reacting “that way” again, whether the response is tears, anger, self-sabotage, or any other negative outcome. So what can we do about our inner child? Why does it continually act out when we don’t want it to? Why can’t we just act like grown-ups?

We can heal our inner child and help it to “grow up,” but we have to be willing to do the work. The first step is to meet your inner child, and acknowledge what it wants and needs. Then you can begin the process of reparenting your inner child, and reparenting yourself.

It’s very important to treat your inner child with the respect and love that it deserves. You’ve spent your entire life treating your inner child—yourself—very harshly. You’ve told him or her that they are a failure, that they are powerless, that they are unworthy, that they’re stupid or ugly, or whatever horrible thing you’ve ever told yourself. Let that stop now.

The following meditation will help you to see your inner child in a new way. I recommend doing this more than once; you’re likely to learn something new about your inner child every time you do this. Healing the inner child is a process, and as you proceed, you will become aware of what the issues are. However, realizing that you have an issue does not mean that you’ve healed the issue. The realization is just the beginning.

Prepare for the meditation

Sit in a comfortable chair and relax. Take at least 7 deep breaths, inhaling through the nose, and exhaling forcefully through the mouth. Mentally ask the Archangels to cut any cords that are blocking your healing for this issue. Also ask them to assist you in the meditation. Take a few moments and feel them come in for you and comfort you.

The meditation

See yourself sitting in a comfortable chair in a warm, sunny room. The windows are open, and you can hear the sound of birds singing outside the window. The scent of your favorite flowers is in the air.

As you look around the room, you see that you are in a child’s play room. A shelf is filled with all of your favorite children’s books. Toys that you recognize from your childhood are neatly stowed around the room. There is a child-sized table in one corner, littered with crayons and coloring books.

The door to the play room opens, and a child peeks in at you. You recognize that this is your inner child. Ask him or her to come in. Tell them that they are safe here.

Ask them, “What is your name?” Wait for the answer.

As the child begins to play, look at them and see them with all of the issues and traits that you dislike in yourself. How does this make you feel? Whatever your feelings are, honor them for a few moments.

Next to you on a small table lies a magic wand. Pick it up. This wand has the power to remove negativity from all things. Point it at your inner child and say, “Show me who you really are.”

A beam of pink energy flows from the wand to your inner child, covering them from head to toe. As you watch, this pink energy removes all of the issues, imperfections, and traits that you dislike about yourself. These things float away from your inner child easily, revealing the Spirit and true identity of the person beneath them.

What do you see?

What feelings come up about your inner child? What memories?

Ask your inner child how old they are, and then wait for the answer.

Ask them how they feel right now, and then wait for the answer.

Ask your inner child what you need to do help them feel safe, and then wait for the answer.

Open your arms to your inner child and ask them to come to you. Hold them and say, “I owe all that I am to you, and I thank you for that. But I am a grown up, and I will take care of you now. I love you, and you are safe.”

As you hold your inner child, Archangel Gabriel sits with you and takes both of you in her arms. She cares for you in the same way that you will now care for your inner child. Receive her love, compassion, and comfort, and then share it with your inner child.

When you are ready, ask your inner child what they would like to do today, and then honor that.

After the meditation

I highly recommend journaling your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Know that all of the things that were removed by your magic eraser are not really part of you. The magic eraser simply helps to reveal the real you. Can you have compassion for your child self and what they have experienced? Can you love your child self?

It is a good idea to do this meditation on a regular basis, at least at first. Your inner child may have a hard time trusting you, and the more you work with him or her, the better your results will be. Try this meditation once a week, and talk to your inner child daily to reassure and love them.

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