Discovering Your Inner Child: Transforming Toxic Patterns and Finding Your Joy (Revised and Expanded Edition) by Asha Hawkesworth

Discovering Your Inner Child by Asha HawkesworthWhy do people tend to repeat patterns that make them unhappy? Why do we react the way we do? And why is it so difficult to let go of the past? Your inner child is your core emotional being, the “person” who runs your life when you least expect them to—or want them to. Your inner child should be a blessing, not a tyrant. Discovering Your Inner Child helps you to understand your inner child so that you can begin to make new choices to change your life and find your joy.

Discovering Your Inner Child is now available in a new, revised and expanded edition! It includes a new chapter about inner child archetypes, an expanded chapter about abuse and common toxic behaviors, and a new chapter about learning to love yourself, which can be one of the greatest challenges that people face when working to heal their inner child.

The revised and expanded edition is currently available through the links below in print and electronic formats:

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See our Inner Child pages for more resources or click here to read a portion of the preface. Asha writes her own story largely to illustrate that healers do not enter the world fully healed. We all have our journeys, and there are times when we don’t have a clue or feel like we’ve hit a brick wall. And yet, we are healing. We are making progress. We can transform our lives. We can find our joy. May this give you hope.

What people are saying

This book is a step-by-step guide to healing the inner-child issues we all face.

K. Lynette Erwin, author of So Faithful a Heart

After reading the book you will not only understand what the “inner child” is all about, but you’ll begin the process of actually making its acquaintance and discover the part it plays in your life; to actually discover how you live with your inner child and how it influences so many of your actions, decisions and emotional states.

I found it a gem of a book. The author writes with a relaxed, unpretentious authority. It is evident that she has experienced what she talks about in the book and has come through them a stronger person, more at peace with the world and the people in her life. I highly recommend it.

David French, as posted on

As a parent coach and child advocate, a great deal of my work focuses on helping parents examine their own emotional health in order to raise children from an emotionally healthy place…The most prevalent being inner child issues. Subsequently, I am always looking for and researching resources that I feel will be of help to them.

Discovering Your Inner Child by Asha Hawkesworth is exactly what I have spent years searching for.

Ms. Hawkesworth, through her willingness to share her personal experience, provides the reader with a bluntly honest and yet compassionate view of how and why these issues develop as well as a first-hand accounting of her own eventual healing. The fact that she also offers sound and doable exercises to work through the layers of years of unhealthy messages that are typical of those struggling with inner child issues makes this book the “go to” resource that I will be recommending to all of my clients.

It is my opinion that Discovering Your Inner Child will provide anyone who reads it an in-depth understanding of themselves, an awareness to recognize areas that need healing and the tools to lead them on their journey of emotional growth and well-being, thus interrupting the destructive cycle that is passed on from one generation to the next.

On behalf of the many parents who want to raise their children from an awakened perspective…Thank you Asha!

Denny Hagel
Founder, Awakened Parenting LLC

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