We are energy healers, and metaphysics plays a big role in our everyday lives. The information on these pages reflects our own experience.

Metaphysics and New Age Articles

Sirian Forest, by Asha Hawkesworth
Sirian Forest, by Asha Hawkesworth

Choosing High Vibrational Music — If you are on a healing path, you may find that some of the music you used to listen to is less appealing these days.

Psychic Warfare: When Our Thoughts Cause Harm — For many people, psychic warfare is the stuff of science fiction and comic books. Unfortunately, this is not true.

Star Seeds and Soul Family — What exactly is a star seed? And who is my soul family?

The Age of Miracles — In these days of chaos, unrest, and violence, it seems unreal to talk about an age of miracles that is heralded by a mass shift in consciousness. And yet, it is happening.

The Twelve Chakras — An explanation of the new 12 chakras and their corresponding colors/rays.

The Universe in Your Hand — Reiki practitioners and other energy healers are unlikely to be surprised by the idea that your hands are conduits for healing, but they may not yet be fully aware of why that is. Discover the star tesseract that works with you.

When Prayer is Harmful — Prayer can be a healing gift, but if the intent of the prayer is to change someone, it can also be a form of psychic attack.

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