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Brighthill is proud to present the following books and media, published by Imaginalove™ Media, where Spirit finds expression.

Discovering Your Inner Child by Asha HawkesworthDiscovering Your Inner Child: Transforming Toxic Patterns and Finding Your Joy (Revised and Expanded Edition)
Why do people tend to repeat patterns that make them unhappy? Why do we react the way we do? And why is it so difficult to let go of the past? Your inner child is your core emotional being, the “person” who runs your life when you least expect them to—or want them to. Your inner child should be a blessing, not a tyrant.

Brighthill Guided Meditations for Personal TransformationBrighthill Guided Meditations for Personal Transformation
(available on CD and as a booklet)
Thoughts are things, and as you learn to consciously guide your own thoughts, you can create a more positive life experience. Once you feel the power of guided meditation, you will feel confident that you can transform your life.

Grandma's Roses by Asha HawkesworthGrandma’s Roses
Holly knows something most people don’t: Grandma has fairies in her garden. When Grandma has to leave her garden, she becomes sad. But Holly has a plan to cheer her up and invite the fairies to her new home. Her plan will only work if Grandma believes in fairies. Holly knows she has a big job to help her Grandma see the fairies, but she also has big love. Can she do it? Do you believe?

The Abundant Home Guide to Making Your Own Liqueurs and Cordials by Asha HawkesworthThe Abundant Home™ Guide to Making Your Own Liqueurs and Cordials

Easy-to-follow instructions for making your own liqueurs and cordials at home from herbs and fruit. Experiment!

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