The Universe in Your Hand

Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team

Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team

It would seem very strange if I told you that you had a nose. “See? It’s right there, in the middle of your face.” And you might respond, “Duh.” You can see your nose. You can touch it. You can even blow it. But if I also said, “You have something in your hand that contains the Universe’s Power of Healing and Creation,” you might wonder what I’ve been smoking. Nevertheless, you do, and it does.

Reiki practitioners and other energy healers are unlikely to be surprised by the idea that your hands are conduits for healing, but they may not yet be fully aware of why that is. In your dominant healing hand (for me, my right hand), lies something that is just as much a part of you as your DNA (which can be seen and measured) and your aura (which most people cannot see and which science declines to measure). Tune into it. It is a higher-dimensional being that looks like a star tesseract. By definition, tesseracts are four-dimensional (and higher), so it’s difficult to draw one. But if you look at it psychically, you will be able to see its shape and color.

The tesseract in your hand is no simple object, either. It has its own consciousness. It is not separate from you, but it is not entirely you as you define yourself, either. The reason for this symbiotic relationship is that you, the spirit in the human being skin, must achieve a certain level of consciousness yourself before the tesseract will become available to you. The power of Creation and Healing is not for the person who has not yet mastered themselves, at least to a degree. (The abuse of this power is part of what led to the downfall of Atlantis, after all.) No, the tesseract works with your heart, not your head. Your heart must be open and compassionate.

“A conscious tesseract with the power of creation in my hand, you say? You must be mad.” There are many things that are unseen or difficult to measure (is light a particle or a wave?), but that does not mean they don’t exist. If you’re open, you don’t have to look very far to find the evidence. Jesus Christ was said to heal with his hand and create food from thin air. Given my understanding of the tesseract, I have no problem believing this. Or take the Yogi Milarepa, who demonstrated his mastery by leaving his handprint in stone.

Every culture has its stories of miracles and healing that simply cannot be explained. In our overly logical culture, we tend to dismiss these as simple fairy tales, separate from our very hard and measurable reality. But even fairy tales have something important to tell us about ourselves.

Don’t take my word for it, however. Develop a relationship and understanding with the tesseract in your own hand. It will help you learn all you need to know. I say that you likely have a nose in your face. It gives you the sense of smell. I also say that you have a conscious star tesseract in your hand. It is yet another sense to help you navigate the world and the universe. And the fact is that your heart and your tesseract are needed to help heal and transform this planet. Chaos and self-destruction is avoidable, but it will take many of us to awaken, to love, and to heal.

Your star tesseract is part of your personal power, just like your heart, your mind, and your aura. Awaken to it. We need you.

Choosing High Vibrational Music

high vibration musicAs you grow and heal, you may find that some of the music you used to listen to doesn’t appeal to you as much. The reason is that you are raising your vibration, and music with a lower vibration is making you feel irritated or uncomfortable. To support your healing, it’s important to seek out music that has a higher vibration. But what does that sound like?

A few years ago, we had the good fortune to see Andre Rieu and his orchestra at the Rose Garden. He is a fine example of a musician who works in a higher vibration because he infuses all that he does with his own joy. Watching him perform, I knew that this man was a total mush. He’s happy, he’s joyful, he likes to have fun, and he probably cries when he watches a sad movie. It’s no wonder he was drawn to Johann Strauss. Honestly, there are few forms of music more joyful than a waltz. It would take a determined grouch not to feel uplifted by hearing one. When Andre played “The Blue Danube,” people got up and danced in the aisles.

Of course, Andre plays more than just waltzes. During the course of the evening, we heard everything from classical pieces to movie themes and popular songs. At one point, he played “America the Beautiful,” and the older gentleman standing next to me wiped tears from his eyes afterward: it brought forth his love of his homeland. A rendering of “Amazing Grace,” complete with bagpipe, also brought tears to many eyes, as it often does. You don’t have to subscribe to any particular religion or spirituality to feel the depth of God’s love for all of us, and how affecting that truly is.

By the end of the evening, balloons had fallen on the audience, and everyone was dancing and playing with the balloons while the orchestra played on. In short, the audience was behaving like children. In the span of two brief hours, music had taken us back to our child selves. We danced and sang along with the abandon of three-year-olds. Now that is music of a higher vibration!

Emotion is the Key

None of this means that you are destined to listen only to classical music or Enya for the rest of your days. Not all classical music has a high vibration, just as not all rock or pop has a low one. The trick is to learn to discern for yourself. The key to a song’s vibration is emotion. Emotion is a very powerful energy. When combined with music, it has a definite effect on your mind, mood, and sense of well-being. Angry or depressive music can fuel these same emotions in you. Likewise, calm or joyful music can produce these feelings in you as well. And of course, there’s a lot of emotion in between, some of which is helpful, and some of which can be harmful.

When listening to any music, you should tune in to how it makes you feel. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the lyrics, however. For example, there is nothing wrong with listening to some sad songs. Sad songs say so much, as Elton said. And a few swear words are not necessarily an indicator that you should drop the CD in the trash, either. No, you have to tune into the energy of the music. This takes some practice.

You can really love an artist’s music, but if they have an overly cynical world view or a depressive personality, this energy may be in their music and will affect you negatively. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that an artist has to live like a saint and be perfectly healed. Many artists have personal struggles and still manage to infuse love and joy in their music. Human beings are multi-faceted, and we all experience the range of emotions, positive and negative.

How Does it Make You Feel?

The next time you’re listening to your favorite music, ask yourself how you feel. Do you feel sad? Sad is not a bad feeling. Some of the most beautiful music ever written tells a sad story that can make you weep a river of tears. And this is OK—unless you’re wallowing in sad music because you’re depressed. There should be a balance in all things.

Likewise, however, some music makes you feel happy or joyful. This is my favorite kind. Artists like Neil Diamond, the Beach Boys, and John Denver are masters at expressing joy in their music. And Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” speaks for itself.

Of course, most music falls into a vast “in between” area of complex emotion. Determining how you feel when you hear it may take some time. For example, it’s possible for a song to be uplifting, critical, gritty, and hopeful, all at once. For me, U2 and Bob Dylan fall into this category.

Problematic music will make you feel angry, depressed, or hopeless. These are all indicators of a lower vibration, and you should avoid it. Just as a joyful song can make you feel like a happy three-year-old again, a lower vibrational song will only serve to make you feel worse about yourself and your life. With practice, however, you can soon determine whether an album belongs in your collection or not. Follow your own inner guidance.

I also want to encourage you to check out a lot of the new musicians out there. Many of them are doing good work at a higher vibration, as our crystal and rainbow kids grow up. You may not hear them on the radio, unfortunately. Some artists who are less well known sell through sites such as Many may only perform locally as they struggle to get started. Keep your ears—and your heart—open and ask for good music to come into your life. Music can be very healing, and when it is, it’s a blessing in our lives.

Psychic Warfare: When Our Thoughts Cause Harm

Block Psychic AttacksFor many people, psychic warfare is the stuff of science fiction and comic books. Superheroes do it, but real people do not. Unfortunately, this is not true.

Our thoughts are powerful enough to create our reality. Our mind and our emotions are our creative tools given to us by the Divine, and we are free to use them however we wish. But most people use these tools unconsciously. Are you aware of the reality you create every second? Even knowing logically that your thoughts are this powerful, you probably don’t go about your daily life thinking consciously about the reality you are creating in every moment. It would be hard to do. More likely, you think about it occasionally—during meditation, in the shower, or just before bed.

Likewise, we engage in psychic battles with one another without even being aware that we are doing so. We don’t see it that way; we don’t define it that way; we do it unconsciously. However, ignorance is never a good excuse, so consider how you use your thoughts and how they affect others.

Emotion Intensifies Psychic Energy

We tend to think of ourselves as isolated in our bodies, thinking secret thoughts and feelings that never go any further than our own heads and hearts. We forget that we live in a universe in which everything, everywhere, is really just one great being, and everyone impacts everything else. When we think and feel loving, compassionate, kind thoughts, it impacts the whole in a positive way. Likewise, when we have angry, unkind, or bitter thoughts and feelings, these have an impact, too.

Let’s say you get really angry at someone. You may think all kinds of things about the person while you are angry, which you may regret at a later time when you’ve cooled off. Emotion is the intensifier of our thoughts. It is an incredibly important part of creation, whether positive or negative. You know the power of surging love and joy, both for yourself and the people around you. Anger, jealousy, and bitterness also intensify our thoughts and sharpen our creative powers, just in a negative way. So while you are in the heat of anger, you may think vindictive or judgmental thoughts, which are aimed at the person you are angry at. In moments like these, you are sending energy to that person.

When our negative emotions and thoughts are aimed at a person, they can embed themselves in the person’s energy field like daggers and swords. Once there, they can be removed, but this generally only happens if the affected person visits a healer who finds them, or if they become aware of being attacked and ask the angels or other spirit guides for help on their own behalf. Daggers can affect a person’s mood, well-being, and can also cause physical illness if they are not removed.

How to Heal a Psychic Attack

We are human beings, and we have all thrown our share of daggers, but we can do something about it. The answer is not to stop feeling your negative emotions. This is not possible, and if you try, you will only stuff them, which will hurt you. Feel your emotions, but learn to monitor your thoughts. You are going to be angry at someone from time to time. When you get to that place, own your anger—it’s YOUR feeling and YOUR responsibility. If you feel you have thrown some daggers, see them and transmute them to flowers. Send loving thoughts to the person. You have the power to create and send daggers, but you also have the power to recall them or change them into something positive. Use it.

You will also find yourself the target of a few daggers and swords yourself. If you suspect that you have some daggers—and you can probably sense easily enough who threw them—ask Archangel Michael to help you. Help him by visualizing where it is and seeing it being removed. If you know who your power animal is, ask them to help as well. Or you can get an energy healer to help you with this process. Remember, though, when we remove daggers, we don’t want to send them back to the thrower. We want the daggers to be taken away to a place where they won’t harm anyone. Archangel Michael will do this for you. All you have to do is ask.

Psychic Cording

Another aspect of psychic warfare is called cording. When we are involved in relationships, we energetically loop with others. Sometimes we do this in healthy ways; sometimes we do this in unhealthy ways. For example, you probably have cords of love between you and your family members. These can never be broken. But there are likely some unhealthy cords as well. There may be cords of control—you want someone to act or be a certain way, or they expect that of you. Or there could be cords of mistrust or jealousy. Think of all the ways that human beings can interact and feel, and you can think of a cord that could exist between people.

While daggers are generally a one-way show—someone is throwing them at you, or you are throwing them at another person—cords require a bit of cooperation on both sides. Growing up, we get used to the way certain energy cords feel, even if they are negative. So we unconsciously seek out people who will cord with us in that way. It’s a give and take. However, once you begin to recognize the cords and to heal them, you will change the entire dynamic in your relationships.

Let’s say that you are in a controlling relationship. The pattern goes like this: you want to do something, and your partner doesn’t want you to. The partner digs into their bag of energetic tricks and employs the techniques with which they have successfully manipulated you in the past. Perhaps this means a guilt trip, or putting you down. Instead of responding to these attempts the way you have in the past, you decide to stop engaging in the argument. You stand up for yourself, and that is that. You decide to no longer feel guilty or unworthy, and you take your power back and do whatever it is that you need to do to make yourself happy. You have then changed the dynamic between you, and you can energetically step back from the situation and view it from another place. You can even envision that unhealthy cord between you being cut, or you can ask Archangel Michael to do this.

When you cut cords or stop looping negatively with another person, expect that person to put up a fight. They don’t want the dynamic to change. It will feel uncomfortable to them. By changing the energy on your end, you suddenly feel unfamiliar to them, and they will do whatever it takes to get that “old feeling” back again. Resist the urge to reengage, and energetically move on.

Even when you cut negative cords, however, they can regrow. They may regrow on your end, on the other person’s end, or both. Make a practice of asking Archangel Michael to cut cords and remove daggers for you. Over time, it will get easier to detach from negative people and situations and to have compassion for them. This process is most challenging for the people we are closest to, but view all such challenges as the healing opportunities they are. Eliminating psychic warfare in your closest relationships will only strengthen them. However, if you find that some people cannot let go of the need for psychic battles, then the relationship will change for the highest good of everyone involved.

Psychic Attack Protection

You can give yourself some protection from the energetic slings and arrows of others. Envelop yourself in all dimensions with protective violet light, and request that the angels protect you. You can come up with a short, simple request that you make you daily or as needed, and the angels will respond immediately. Most importantly, however, don’t beat yourself up if you find that you’ve been throwing a few daggers around. What’s important is that you become aware of it and turn that dagger into something loving instead. By being conscious, you can make loving contributions to yourself and the world every day.

Star Seeds and Soul Family

Finding Soul Family


A lot of people in spiritual circles will talk about “star seeds,” and many may say they are one, which is true. I think that what doesn’t get said is that absolutely everyone is a star seed, so it’s probably kind of silly to use the term at all.

Where Do We Come From?

Of course, the main answer here would be the Divine Creator, or “God,” but in terms of the souls that become physical human beings, we all come from other worlds.

When we think of life on other planets, we usually think of third-dimensional life forms, probably carbon-based, with cells, DNA, and a heartbeat or something. However, most life is in the higher dimensions, which we cannot see (unless you are open to your psychic abilities). So, yes, there are Martians, and Sirians, and Pleiadians, etc., and some of them decided to come into this lower dimension to experience spiritual growth. Given that most people think of “Heaven” as being the place where they attain the most spiritual growth, this may sound odd, but this world is an incredible catalyst for growth, which is why we chose to come here.

Soul Family

The universe is like a fractal: there are patterns within patterns. Your body is a microcosm of the universe: it contains galaxies, suns, and planets. Your cells are a microcosm of your body. And so on.

We appear to be here in this third-dimensional world, but we are also present in a higher-dimensional reality with our soul family on another world. For example, some come from the Sirius system, which is sixth-dimensional. We have family on these other worlds, too, and they have been our family for longer than we have been reincarnating on Earth.

To be sure, we exist at higher frequencies, too. We are our Higher Selves, after all. And then there is God, whom we’ve never left at all while we had all these fractal dreams in the Universe.

What Other Worlds?

So, where do we all come from? From all over, really, but here are some of the major areas:


Sirians and Pleiadians, along with the Archangels and other entities, are the two main groups who created this world. Sirians tend to be intellectual with a strong emotional component. Also, they can be great sluts (and I mean that word in its finest, best sense—it’s a good word in our house): food sluts, wine sluts, chocolate sluts, and, of course, sex sluts, too. Sirians can be pretty big (they are quite tall at home), in part due to their enjoyment of sensual pleasures.


Pleiadians, from the “Seven Sisters” star group of the same name, tend to be sensitive, emotional, empathic, and nurturing—sometimes to a fault. Pleiadians must take care that they learn to receive as well as give.

Akitares (Blue Planet)

We just say “Blue Planet” because it’s hard to recall the name. This is a planet in the Pleiades, but Blue Planet folks are pretty different from Pleiadians. First, they are incredibly sensitive. They are so sensitive, emotionally and psychically, that it can be very hard for them to function in this world. It’s very common for Blue Planet people to develop neuroses and other coping mechanisms. They instinctively just want to love everything unconditionally and show you their soft underbelly, but it doesn’t take much to wound them. As a result, they just want to hide, and it can be very, very difficult to get to know the real person behind the defenses. Also, in my experience, they can be very self-deprecating and seldom give themselves any credit.


All of the science-fictional stories about invaders from Mars come from the mass consciousness, which does indeed remember when the Martians arrived. Long ago, they appeared in Atlantis, and they were given a place on the continent to live. The fall of Atlantis is due in part to one of their experiments, which is still active in the world today, but will be healed. Martians tend to be logical to a fault, dislike emotional displays and often repress their own emotions, dislike people and social situations, and have a hard time with spiritual matters—often, they are atheists/skeptics, or they involve themselves with religion in a structured, or even didactic, way. They also really want to be loved, but they have a hard time expressing this need or accepting it for themselves.


Arcturans are a bit harder to characterize, but I’ll try. They are very adaptable to other influences (Sirian, etc.), but they are pretty influential themselves—family members who are not Arcturan can easily pick up Arcturan energy. They tend to be fascinated with darkness and are wont to explore this in themselves. They also tend to be loners. Arcturans came on the scene somewhere along the way—sort of like, “Hey! That looks like fun! I’m going to try it.”

Finding Soul Family

How do you find your soul family? They will find you, because you are supposed to find each other. You have a a soul contract to find each other. Now, that being said, they may show up in the form of your blood family. And they may not. If you’ve felt like you were born into a foreign tribe (are you sure I wasn’t adopted?) all your life, then your soul family is probably going to come in the form of friends, mentors, and partners. The mentor is especially significant—someone who takes you under your wing and gives you the benefit of their leadership and wisdom to show you the path. Many mentors are soul family.

What About Ascended Masters and Teachers?

Ascended Masters are, by definition, ascended, so they don’t come from a world any more. They’ve transcended them. However, beings from other worlds (our soul family and others) do come here to help us. Not all UFOs are the Greys. Yes, they exist, and they have their own agenda, but it’s a pretty small affair. UFOs vary with the driver.

So, yes, Sirians, Pleiadians, and others, are here all the time to help us. We’re their family, after all. Wouldn’t you help your family?

Our next-door neighbors also come to help us. The Hathors are from Venus, and it’s not named for the goddess of Love for nothing. They are very loving beings who are experts in sound and illusion. Their presence was known in ancient Egypt, where the goddess Hathor taught alongside certain Sirians (who appeared in their true form) such as Isis, Osiris, and Horus.

Other beings have been here, and are still here, even though they are ascended and we cannot see them. For example, dragons played a huge part in the beginning of the world. They are powerful, powerful Light beings from Draco. It’s my theory that constellations are not named for an animal particularly because of their shape. Instead, I think the names of constellations tie in to the types of beings that call it home. Because dragons come from Draco, the ancients characterized it thus. This also explains why it’s such a reach to draw a figure in the constellations. The image wasn’t the primary reason for the name.

What About Darker Entities?

Certainly, darker entities exist and seek to push their own agenda. Many would describe them as “evil,” but bear in mind that they, too, are part of God and are just as beloved. They are dark, however, out of ignorance and not choosing to evolve back to Light. There is no need to fear dark entities; Love really does conquer all. But it’s good to have an awareness of them and be informed, as with anything.

The Twelve Chakras

Vitruvian Man with 12 ChakrasThousands of years ago, our spiritual guides gave us some tools to help us grow spiritually. These were our grade school textbooks, and we have learned them well. But as we evolve, the new textbooks arrive, building on the first. Spiritual knowledge is not static; it evolves as we do. New information arrives when we are ready to receive it. This is why so much new information is coming in today.

If you know what a chakra is, then you probably know that there are seven of them and that they have a corresponding color, or vibration. This knowledge has been with us for thousands of years. And for thousands of years, it was true. But as we evolve and ascend, the chakra system evolves as well. The ascended, fourth-dimensional human (or partially ascended human) has twelve chakras, and they differ in many ways from the seven chakras of the third dimension.

Changing from seven tones to twelve is a lot like changing music modalities. The vibrations are different. The colors are different. The sound, the harmony, is different. And of course, the whole being is different.

If you are a healer, you will find that some people have activated all twelve of their chakras, while others are still operating within the seven-chakra system. If the twelve chakras have been activated, then the person is at least half way to living in a fourth-dimensional reality. Please note that when working with the twelve chakras, it is imperative that you begin clearing with the uppermost chakra and work downward.

So what are the new chakras and their color correspondences? Let’s start from the top and work our way down.

Twelfth Chakra

Color: Turquoise

The twelfth chakra is three steps above the crown chakra, in the aura. It corresponds with the bottom point of the upper MerKaBa (of Source, or your Higher Self) that meets the human MerKaBa, or light body. This chakra is associated with masculine energy—”Father Sky.” It is our connection to Source.

Eleventh Chakra

Color: Deep indigo

The eleventh chakra is two steps above the crown chakra, in the aura. It corresponds with the upper point of the human MerKaBa. It encompasses all of the lower chakras, so it must remain clear or all of the chakras will have problems. While the twelfth chakra corresponds with the masculine, the eleventh chakra corresponds with feminine energy—the Christ-consciousness of Mary, Kwan Yin, or Mother Earth. Its deep indigo energy radiates outward and encompasses things other than ourselves, so it is associated with compassion and connection with all life, including Mother Earth.

Tenth Chakra

Color: Yellow

The tenth chakra is one step above the crown chakra, in the aura. Its energy radiates infinitely in a linear plane in all four directions: front, back, left, and right. Therefore, it is the chakra that connects us with everything. It also protects the Higher Mind processes.

Ninth Chakra

Color: Magenta

The ninth chakra is the crown chakra. It is the portal to the rest of the body as it will be. It is also the upper root chakra, where creation and manifesting energy live. As such, issues about self-denial, feeling undeserving, and even 4-D sex will show up here.

Half-tone Chakra (8.5)

Color: Amber

There is a half-tone chakra between the eighth and the ninth chakra. This chakra provides a clear connection between the third eye and the crown, and it governs emotional and mental clarity. Problems with any of these areas usually show up here.

Eighth Chakra

Color: Silver

The eighth chakra is the third eye, or inner vision. It is the foundation for the higher chakras and must be kept clean and clear. Its silver ray radiates as a cone, with the point of the cone beginning at the third eye, then spreading outward at the back of the head.

Seventh Chakra

Color: Gold

The seventh chakra is the throat chakra. It is about speaking your truth without judgment or delineation. Its color is gold—Golden Truth. Use this color in healing when people need help understanding that their voice—every voice—matters.

Sixth Chakra

Color: Purple

The sixth chakra is the heart chakra. The ascended heart chakra is concerned with Christ-consciousness, or Universal love. This is unconditional love for everyone and everything. During the transition, many healers may see heart problems because this must be cleared in order to ascend. If it cannot be healed in the physical body, then people will leave it to heal on the other side.

Fifth Chakra

Color: Green

The fifth chakra is the solar plexus. Many formerly third-dimensional heart chakra issues now live here, namely the “lower heart” functions such as connectivity and interpersonal relationships (romantic love and friends and family). This may seem like a demotion for feelings that we all really care about, but it isn’t. When the upper heart, or Christ-consciousness, is open and clear, it includes these wonderful, healthy feelings of connection with those we love, but it also allows us to move far beyond them and to maintain much healthier relationships.

Fourth Chakra

Color: Red

The fourth chakra is the seat of emotions, and it corresponds with the old second chakra, behind the navel. Emotional issues are centered in this chakra.

Third Chakra

Color: Ultraviolet X

The third chakra is where the root chakra is in the old system. It helps us to understand our need to be intimately connected with other people. Problems with connection or intimacy may center in this chakra. I call the color associated with this chakra “Ultraviolet X” because it has no name and cannot be seen by most third-dimensional human eyes. It lies in the ultraviolet frequency.

Second Chakra

Color: Ultraviolet Y

The second chakra is in the soles of both of your feet. It is the grounding chakra. Whereas in 3-D this is more of a simple grounding, in 4-D this chakra helps us to feel Mother Earth and to know that we are her children. It allows us to be intimately associated with her chakra system, so abuses of the Mother can never again occur with this understanding. The color of this chakra also lies in the ultraviolet frequency.

First Chakra

Color: Clear, or transparent

The first chakra is below your feet, in the earth. It corresponds with the bottom point of your MerKaBa, or light body. Use the clear color of this chakra for general healing work, along with another color, “Clear Color Y,” that is not associated with any of these chakras.


Video Blog: Gaia’s Consort and Her Changing Magnetic Field

Brighthill now has a Youtube channel, and I have published my first video blog. This will be an ongoing project. I will talk about esoteric spiritual ideas, meditation, and, of course, healing. I am open to questions or suggestions for future blogs as well. This first blog is about what’s going on with Gaia right now, how her energy is changing, and how you can consciously participate in that change.

You can subscribe to our Youtube channel at:

Here’s the video blog. Enjoy!

Asha Hawkesworth

You are Psychic

am i psychic sensitive

“Dream,” by Sulamith Wulfing

Each and every soul will become consciously aware of the ability to communicate with the divine.
~Edgar Cayce

Everyone, everywhere, is psychic. There are no exceptions. Still, it’s hard for many to believe. It’s easier, somehow, to believe that it only “happens” for specially gifted people. And it is true that some people’s life purpose is mediumship. Some become famous; some do not. But their path in life is to help others along their path in this way. However, their existence does not change the fact that everyone is psychic.

Children are born knowing how to use their intuition, but all too often, it is quickly shamed out of them. “It’s your imagination,” adults say. They make fun of the “imaginary friend.” They make light of the silly-sounding things that children say. After awhile, the child begins to believe that maybe it is their imagination, or that it is silly and ridiculous. They begin to close their hearts and minds to their own powers of perception.

Although people learn to stop paying attention to psychic information, that does not mean that it stops. It simply means that they misinterpret it, misunderstand it, or ignore it. The thoughts and feelings that come from a higher source become inseparable from our own. We assume that if something occurs to us, that it originates with us. This is often not true. Some thoughts and feelings are your own, but some of them come from the people around you, and many come from your spiritual guides. You can learn to tell the difference with time, patience, and practice.

Psychic information comes to you just like any other information:  through your senses. You may see it, hear it, taste it, smell it, feel it, or just sense it. An idea or thought may just “pop” into your head, seemingly from nowhere. You may just “have a feeling.”

Have you ever been driving, and you “just knew” that the car in the next lane was about to cut in front of  you? And when they did, you were prepared for it. Or maybe you had a feeling that you should take a different route home one day, but you blew it off—only to find yourself in bad traffic due to an accident or  construction. (“I knew I should have gone the other way!”) These are all small examples of your own psychic abilities. The Universe does not wait to communicate Big Things with you psychically. It is communicating with you constantly, and when you can listen to the little things, you will be ready to hear the big ones.

Everyone is different, so the way in which Spirit communicates with you will not be the same for others. John Edwards’ method will not be yours, although maybe there will be similarities. And maybe there won’t. It is your job to start paying attention to your own personal spiritual dialogue. You may find that you perceive psychic information in several ways, not just one. Pay attention. Pay attention, trust, and affirm your psychic gifts. Do not doubt the information you receive or dismiss it. As you proceed, you will find that the information you receive will be validated, thereby strengthening your trust in the process.

The river of change is flowing very rapidly now. It is important to trust your own intuition in these times. The better able you are to hear and to listen to your guidance, the easier it will be for you to navigate the river. Go with the flow. Trust, and remember that the Universe is conspiring for your highest good every second of every day.

The Age of Miracles

planet earth ascension

“The Immortal Soul” by Sulamith Wülfing

In these days of chaos, unrest, and violence, it seems unreal to talk about an age of miracles that is heralded by a mass shift in consciousness. And even though there are signs of this shift everywhere, it is still hard for many to believe. Many seem resigned to the perspective of “Hell in a handbasket.”

I have had many experiences that give me glimpses of what is today and what is to come, although they are hard to write about. How would you describe the third dimension to a flatlander (a 2-dimensional being)? This is the difficulty with all spiritual transmissions:  explaining the greater reality (higher dimensions) in a way that we can understand.

One of my earliest experiences was a lucid dream, a “journeying” dream, of being in the spiritual classroom. In it, all of humanity was walking in the same direction, heading to a new place. Our landscape had changed. The colors were unlike any colors you have ever seen—they included more of the total spectrum of light. Sharp, vivid, living colors, the colors of high-vibrational energy. That energy was now a visible part of the landscape. The mountains, the great keepers of wisdom that serve to release pressure on Gaia’s body, were emitting huge beams of energy into the sky. They were glorious.

As we walked, I looked up. The Veil was gone. Instead of a hazy sky, I could see the entire Universe:  suns, galaxies, planets, all emitting their own energy and shining down on us. And in that scene of loveliness, the sky was filled also with crafts of many designs and colors. There was also a giant wheel in the sky, with nodes on each “spoke”—it was a space station, and at each node a spaceship was docked. Our star family was now openly with us.

As I walked, the day grew long. A number of people seemed to drift away from the main crowd, disappearing. The smaller group that remained sat and watched the sun set behind the mountains’ display of energy. The world had changed, simply, quickly, and miraculously. Everyone was peaceful and happy. No one wanted for anything.

This dream was rich and detailed, and I knew I was in a real place. I understood that Spirit was giving me a preview, and while some aspects of the dream were metaphorical, I knew to look forward with joy.

All of this brings me to the transit of Venus on June 5, 2012. I knew that this would bring in a great deal of energy to the earth (it has been more or less pouring in all year), but I was still astonished at how strong it was. I felt like I could sleep for a week!

During the transit, I was doing a Kundalini yoga workout. I like Kundalini yoga because it is an easy way to move the energy up through the heart, opening it, and connecting it with your head. It is very healing, even though I cannot do it “perfectly,” being from a less-flexible genetic stock. I do my best.

During my workout, I got to a series of variations on Cobra pose, which is where the Kundalini really flows into the heart chakra. When I began to do that, I felt a tremendous tidal wave of energy come over me, which made me feel nauseous. I had to stop. I sat in easy pose to meditate and understand what was happening.

Immediately, the room filled with Spirit beings who radiated the unconditional Love of the Divine. This was unsurprising on this day, given that Venus is, after all, the planet associated with Love. Spirit took the form of Saints, particularly Saint Francis of Assissi. We are not Catholic, so at first I didn’t understand the symbolism. And then they showed me:  everyone is a saint. Many saints had a moment of awakening, however. Prior to that moment, they were just an ordinary person, as flawed and possibly troubled as the rest of us. We love St. Francis and was familiar with his story, which is why he was used as my example. St. Francis was the son of a wealthy cloth merchant. He lived a life of wealthy privilege and then went to war. But something happened:  a spiritual experience, an awakening so profound that it changed him forever. He saw Love in everything, particularly in the natural world. He began to embody his Greater Soul here on Earth. His compassion made him famous, and now we remember his name.

The message was simple:  this can happen to ANYONE at ANY TIME. It has happened in the past; it is happening today; and we may see a time very soon in which this happens on a vast scale to many thousands or millions of people:  a divinely ordained awakening of those who contracted to do so now. And then, suddenly, everything is changed. We are changed. Awake, we begin to embody our true divinity here on Earth.

The Energy of Awakening is here. With each infusion, it intensifies. Those who are able to shift up their vibration in response will have an easier time than those who have trouble doing this, or who cannot do this. For some, the means of shifting their vibration will be their crossing over. There is no death. They simply cross the Veil. And one day, you will be able to see them clearly because there will be no Veil.

In truth, the age of miracles is the age of the commonplace. But we have been living in a state of seeming separation from this greater reality, from the Great I AM, so we do not remember. It is now time to remember. The end is not near; the beginning of a new golden age is near.

The following two videos may be helpful to some of you. The first one contains helpful information, and the second one contains a meditation that allows you to help yourself, the Earth, and all life. Even more important than the words, however, is the energy. Open yourself to the unlimited flow of Divine Love. Namaste.

Part 1:

Part 2:

When Prayer is Harmful

prayer a bad thing

Can prayer be harmful?

“I’ll pray for you.”
“You’re in my prayers!”

We typically think of prayer as a good thing, and we’re usually grateful to hear these words. Unfortunately, there are times when prayer functions as a psychic attack on another person or group. When that happens, prayer is harmful—not healing.

A sincere prayer to the great Universal Mind for the good of another person, even if we don’t know or understand what that good is, can be very healing. Your thoughts and good wishes for the well being of others is a good and helpful thing. But when your personal preferences and beliefs—and therefore your ego—get involved, then you are essentially practicing black magic against another person.

Let’s consider some context:

“I pray for those children!”

Let’s imagine the children who are the object of this prayer just lost a parent. Praying for the easing of their suffering is a fine thing. No problem there. Now let us suppose that the speaker is praying for them because they have gay parents. Or non-Christian parents. Fill in the blank. The prayer doesn’t feel quite so good now, does it?

Praying for the opposite of what the person being prayed for wants is the psychic equivalent of sending daggers into their field. In reality, such prayer is telling the Universe that you do not approve of that person as they are. You are telling them, psychically, that you do not love them as they are. You want them to change, and you are calling on the Powers That Be to back you up.

Inevitably, of course, all such prayers will never be fulfilled as we envision them. Everyone in the Universe is as God created them. Everyone in the Universe is walking their own divine path, and we can never fully understand what that is, or why it is. Our only job is to love and accept all of these other manifestations of God unconditionally. We are not doing that if we are praying for them to change so that we will feel more comfortable.

While such prayers will never be answered to our satisfaction, they do cause harm, as I’ve written about before. That mysterious pain in the neck or back, feeling out of sorts, nervous, or anxious… These can all be manifestations of prayers delivered with all the ferocity of a crossbow. If you stop to think about who is sending you these little gifts, you’ll probably know. Use your own psychic sense. Then ask Archangel Michael to remove the daggers and cut any cords, and lovingly give back what is not yours. Forgive them, but let them know it is theirs to own, gently. The best way out of a psychic battle is not to engage in it. Choose Love instead.

So, what’s the best way to pray? Pray for the highest good of everyone, and then let go of any attachment to the outcome. If someone is very ill, please pray for them, but understand that their highest good might mean that it is their time to cross over. While that is painful for those who are left behind, it may still be what the Great I AM intends for them. Your prayer may help them recover or, if necessary, cross over gracefully.

Likewise, if a person is truly making unhealthy choices for him- or herself, you cannot control that. All you can do is give them the unconditional love that may, if they take the opportunity, help them to find the miracles in their own life. Every path is different, and even when it looks like someone is “failing” somehow, understand that they are just learning their mastery. These are the lessons that their Spirit has chosen for them, and while it may look like “failure” to some, this is their perfect path of spiritual matriculation.

With prayer, as with all things, let your feelings be your guide. If it doesn’t feel good, it probably isn’t. Prayer that seeks to change others is all about control, and—you guessed it—no one has any control over anything except their own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Given that, the “problem” our prayer is attempting to address may not lie with someone else. Instead, it may be an opportunity for us to examine and revisit our own thoughts and beliefs.

Everything That Rises Must Converge

planet_gridDid you feel it?

This past Saturday, the world was supposed to end, according to a Christian fundamentalist prediction. The Rapture, they said, would be on May 21, 2011. Later, of course, they said, “Never mind—now it will happen in October.” And we all made some jokes and had a good chuckle. And yet…

What if the Rapture actually happened on Saturday? Maybe it just didn’t look the way they thought it would.

Our collective consciousness shapes our reality, and a lot of minds were on the Rapture last weekend. The truth is that our world IS changing. The vibration of this planet is rising, and ours along with it. We are not separate from this planet or anything else. We are rising, ready or not, and this is a process—not a final destination.

Massive amounts of energy are streaming in to help us, and massive amounts of energy are shifting daily. You may not see it or even be aware of it, but you probably feel it. Maybe you feel a little “off” or strange. Odd things keep happening. What is with that crazy weather? That guy in the newspaper really lost it. Why am I suddenly getting headaches or feeling dizzy? Things look the same, but they don’t feel the same. You just feel different and can’t explain why.

We are continually undergoing massive shifts, and for many it can feel hard to keep up. Even the most seemingly “spiritual” or “with it” people are being put through their paces. No one is exempt or immune from this change, but it’s okay. It’s actually better than okay. What we are living through is the greatest show in the Universe right now because it is SO AMAZING. We can’t see the big picture because we’re living in the middle of it. Just know that it’s beautiful.

Still, some people are having a hard time, and that calls for compassion. The amount of energy that has shifted in the last three days alone is significant. Did you feel it?

As we rise, we converge in our Oneness. We begin to remember that we are more than our egos, our personalities. We are part of the Great I AM, and we are One. And as we rise, some of the parallel realities begin to converge. Yesterday, two parallel realities merged into One; a decision was made, collectively. We have committed to a potential future. The two pathways became one. Asha X converged with Asha Y. Your X converged with your Y. We are, after all, just holograms in this playing field of the Earth Game. Our true selves have all of the power of the Great I AM because we ARE the Great I AM.

So, two significant timelines converged into one. Where does it lead? It will lead in part where we choose to go, but it will also lead where the Great I AM wants it to go. We have chosen the convergent path, the rising path, the ascended path. Many of us will bodily accompany Gaia in her healing; many of us will accompany Gaia in spirit. The lotus is opening wide to the rays of the Great Suns.

We are all so privileged to be here now. We live in truly miraculous times. Follow your heart, have faith, and go with the flow as much as you can. As the angels continually remind us, “Look forward with joy!”