Grandma’s Roses

Holly knows something most people don’t: Grandma has fairies in her garden. When Grandma has to leave her garden, she becomes sad. But Holly has a plan to cheer her up and invite the fairies to her new home. Her plan will only work if Grandma believes in fairies. Holly knows she has a big job to help her Grandma see the fairies, but she also has big love. Can she do it? Do you believe?

Children of all ages will delight in this colorfully illustrated book about aging and the changes it brings, and the healing power of love—and fairies!

Grandma’s Roses is a story about believing, love, and magic. Come visit Grandma’s garden and discover the fairires! Available now in print and electronic formats:

From the book

Rose Fairy by Asha HawkesworthHolly lived with her parents in the city, and every other weekend her family took her to see her grandmother, who lived in a little house in the country. For these visits, Holly put on her play clothes, brushed her long golden hair, and tied it back in a pony tail. It was fun to play in Grandma’s big back yard, where she had a beautiful garden of flowers.

Grandma had irises, daylilies, foxgloves, hollyhocks, lavenders, poppies, and many other lovely flowers. But the most beautiful flowers in the garden were the pink blossoms that covered a big, round rose bush whenever the weather was warm. Grandma told Holly that the rose bush was her pride and joy.

Holly liked to pretend that the rose bush was a secret house where magical people lived. One afternoon, Holly was sprawled out in the grass next to the rose bush, yawning a bit. She had played very hard and was a little sleepy. A bee was collecting pollen, and as she watched and yawned again, the bee became a golden ball of light that flew in and out among the roses.

Holly thought this was a rather odd thing for a bee to do, but she was so sleepy, she could no longer stay awake. As she closed her eyes, she thought she saw dozens of little people playing in the rose bush.

About the author and illustrator

Asha Hawkesworth is a writer, speaker, painter, and energy healer. Her primary focus is helping people to find their joy and awaken to who they really are. In addition to children’s books, she writes about spirituality and healing journeys. Asha lives with her wonderful family in Gresham, Oregon. You can find more from Asha here at and at Asha Hawkesworth’s Art with Heart web site and on Facebook.

Published by Imaginalove™ Media, where Spirit finds expression.

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