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There's been a fair bit written about twin souls, or twin flames, and some of the opinions put forth can seem contradictory. I think it depends in part on the personal experiences of the twin souls in question, however, so there isn't really a wrong or right answer. What I'm writing here is, of course, the experience of Ahnna and myself.

The origin of twin souls

Why are there twin souls in the first place? It's important to know that not everyone has a twin soul, or twin flame, and this does not mean that they are inferior, less evolved, or less important. It's just a question of timing.

When the coalition of beings and angels decided to create the experiment in Free Will known as Earth, it meant that some of the beings in question (originally Pleiadian and Sirian, but of course, later joined by other beings) actually had to descend into matter to play this game. When the world was young, it was in a different dimension altogether, and it was in its Edenic state, if you will. In order to come here in those early days, into duality, the earliest incarnators here had to split themselves and become two. It was duality at its most literal. And so, some of us did.

Twin souls are the same person

Originally, twin souls were literally one being. Wherever we came from, however we lived in the higher dimensions, twin souls were originally one. To descend into duality, they became two. This is why twin souls cannot resist one another and always end up having a close relationship in this world, if they have incarnated together for a given lifetime.

Speaking for ourselves, there have been very few lifetimes in which we have been here without the other. And when we are together, we are very close: parent and child, sisters, brothers, comrades-at-arms, best friends, and, most often, spouse and spouse (or at least lovers).

Triple souls

Some of the very old souls who have been incarnating here on Earth since day one are part of a triple-soul group. That is, during the initial waves of incarnating on this planet, some beings split themselves into three different energies.

The Trinity is an ancient piece of human consciousness, from the pagan Triple Goddess (maid, mother, crone) to Osiris, Isis, and Hathor, to the Christian concept of a three-in-one God. The reason for this understanding is that so many of the ancient ones and teachers literally embodied this concept. For such people, they may not have just one soul mate; they may have two.

What about people who don't have a twin soul?

As I stated earlier, there is nothing inferior about a person who does not have a twin soul in this dream of Earth. It simply means that they began incarnating here at a later time. Although originally souls had to separate in order to be here, the Earth changed and evolved, sometimes becoming darker, sometimes lighter, over time, and after awhile it was no longer necessary. Many of the beings from other parts of the Universe who became interested in our game do not have twin souls for this reason. Arcturans, Martians, Blue Planet folks, etc., by and large do not have a twin soul. Also, Pleiadians and Sirians who came in at a later time don't have one, either. They all looked at what was going on and said, "That looks like fun. I'd like to play." So in they came, likely getting entangled in karma, so here they stayed until they finish. You can think of some of them as "Tourists." And we need our tourists. They have contributed greatly to the game.

For all these wonderful beings, a twin soul wasn't necessary for them to be here, so they didn't split themselves. That's all there is to it.

What about soul mates?

I can't think of a more overused term than "Soul Mate." Basically, it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with twin souls. If you have a twin soul, then your twin soul may be your soul mate in a given lifetime (when you're spouse and spouse, for example). If you don't have a twin soul, you can still have a soul mate for a given lifetime. It may be a different person in every lifetime, however. In general, your soul mate is the perfect mate for you at any given moment in time. Therefore, you could have more than one soul mate in even a single lifetime. The person who is perfect for you at 25 may not be the person who is perfect for you at 50.

People who feel they have found their soul mates have probably found the person they contracted to be with in this lifetime. Most often, this is for karmic reasons—you have some stuff to work out together. But also, God really does want us to be happy, and when we follow our path, of course we'll find the perfect mate/companion for us, if we are open to it. That can be a big "if" sometimes.

If you are wondering where your perfect person is, start asking the Universe to send you the perfect mate. Don't put any restrictions on what that will look like. Then be open to what the Universe sends. If you are putting parameters around what that person should look like and how they should be, then you may be missing the perfect person altogether.

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